About Student Support

Students are likely to achieve academically when they are supported to make correct programme choices , properly oriented to the college, supported academically and provided with opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. In order to realise this vision, Student Support Services Department provides to students three levels of support; pre-entry, on course and exit. At pre-entry students are assisted to make meaningful choices about their choice of study, are provided with information on learning programmes, education and training providers, qualifications and job opportunities, and provided with information on funding opportunities. On course support provides academic support access to personal tutors, life skills, language, maths and maths literacy support, advice on health, practical assistance, opportunities for leadership, sport and cultural development. In preparation for exit, students are provided with information and guidance on higher education and further training opportunities, the identification of opportunities for job placements, entrepreneurial skills development opportunities on a tracking system to access progression.

In executing the NCV 3 levels of support to students Including Report 191, GertSibande TVET College provides state of the art Student Support Centres which provide holistic services to students. The warm and youth friendly atmosphere is provided in the Resource Centre, which is a mini library with laptops and e- brary services; Academic Support Labs for all academic support programmes; Sick/counselling room for counselling and referral services. The sick room is a temporary holding room for students who are not feeling well and awaiting for ambulance services. A study room for students who want to have a quiet time for individual and group study, an SRC office for all students related enquiries. The Student Support Services friendly personnel makes certain that all students are treated with respect and dignity and are provided with youth friendly services in the various offices.