Balfour Campus

Welcome to Balfour Campus the campus that is providing Technical and Vocational Education and Training an education and training which provides knowledge and skills for employment. We also provide National Diploma. Balfour Campus is committed to serve the community with excellence we aligning practices to meet the demand of the fourth Industrial Revolution with an aim to

  1. to increase the number of skilled youth
  2. to increase the number of students successfully entering the Labour market upon completion of training
  3. Responsive to demand of the market place and can transform and adapt quickly and effectively to changing skills etc.

We further contribute in nurturing our students leadership talents by providing mentoring, coaching through various programmes such as induction camps

Our career guidance and marketing unit has teamed up with surrounding schools, Dipaleseng municipality, business community, sector departments and other stakeholders in a drive to recruit students to the college and to promote the GS TVET College brand as the Institution of first choice among prospective applicants.