Evander Campus

The Evander township was founded in 1955 when Union Corporation started its mining activities. A need arose for the training of apprentices and in January 1965, the Evander Technical Institute was established in classrooms made available by Union Corporation at Winkelhaak Mine.

To be able to supply for the growth in student numbers, Union Corporation donated land in 1970 for the building of a college. The college was built and in 1976 the first Evander Technical College student registered at the new campus in Rotterdam Road. With the establishment of Secunda, in the late seventies, the student numbers grew to such an extent that the number of classrooms had to be doubled. The college as it is today was inaugurated in 1983.

The student numbers are still growing and classes and training is currently offered at 5 different sites. We want to thank the community, Sasol and the gold mines, now Harmony, for their excellent support over the years. Without this support and contributions, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the success and continually promote the interest of the community by the service we provide.