Sibanesetfu Campus

Sibanesetfu Campus is located in the deep rural area of Mpumalanga , Glenmore near the border of Swaziland . The campus was opened on July 4, 2005 with 22 students and the number increased to 118 in 2006. Sibanesetfu Campus is the first Further Education and Training College within the area of Glenmore, Mpuluzi, Dundonald, Mayflower, Elukwatini, etc. and thus is accessible to the community at large.

Most young people were forced to sit at home after matric because tertiary institutions were in other provinces which increased the cost of travelling and accommodation. This has led to frustration because the youth of Glenmore did not have sufficient resources to further their studies in other towns, cities or provinces. The campus aims to train its students in a manner that empowers them to be self-sufficient so that they can start their own businesses.